LEPOL® grate grease LEPOL® grate grease

Lepol® grate bearings lubricants

Traveling grates LEPOL® (designed by the Company POLYSIUS) are used for cement manufacturing process called “semi-dry process”.

LEPOL® preheater grates is an exchanger where the smokes, coming from the rotary kiln operating at about 1000°C, cross the bed of pellets. During this exchange, the pellets are dried and partially decarbonised (20 to 30%). They enter into the kiln at 840°C. Traveling grate bearings next to the kiln (internal or external) are submitted to very high temperatures. Results obtained with our grease STARPLEX G 1 are remarkable (in terms of lubrication quality and also consumption).

The application of our grease requires a centralized lubrication system.