Floating kiln tyre Floating kiln tyre

Internal face of floating kiln tyres lubricants

The lubrication of internal face of floating kiln tyres is very important to obtain good service conditions (allow a movement of tyres on the kiln’s shell which is necessary due to difference of temperature between the shell and the tyre in order to avoid binding).

For this application, LUBRILOG has developed lubricants with high graphite content.

Both lubricants that we propose have been used since many years by the most famous Groups using rotary drums:

GRAKOTE FLUID  High temperature paste with graphite

GRAFOLOG 1278 S  Compound “water + graphite” non-flammable

GRAFOLOG 1278 S, compound “water + graphite”:

This lubricant is the best solution to comply with modern security standards applied in production sites. Indeed, GRAFOLOG 1278 S never causes fire or pollution. Besides, this compound presents a significant cost advantage compared to the traditional pastes and greases.

GRAKOTE FLUID, paste with graphite:

This high temperature liquid paste is based on synthetic oil and incorporates solid lubricants and contains additives which prevent from ignition.

Usually, both products are applied with manual spray system, once a week or every two weeks, according to the rotation conditions of the kiln.