Perfluorinated (PFPE) Lubricants

LUBRILOG LY F : Perfluorinated oils

The oils of the range LUBRILOG LY F are made from colourless, odourless and non-toxic Perfluorinated Polymers. These polymers are chemically neutral and show very good thermal stability. All the oils of this range share the excellent tribological performances. Only their viscosity varies. They are superior to other synthetic oils no matter the substrate or the environment. Non miscible with other lubricants.

Advantages :

  •  Chemically inert
  •  Totally non-flammable
  •  Excellent coefficient of friction
  •  Excellent anti-seizing properties
  •  Low vapour tension
  •  Total compatibility with plastics and elastomers
  •  Very long life time of the lubricant film

PFPE oils PFPE oils