Perfluorinated (PFPE) Lubricants

FLUOSTAR® FOOD GRADE : NSF H 1 fluorinated greases

FLUOSTAR® symbolizes a range of very high quality greases based of specific perfluorinated oils. FOOD GRADE series should be used for the lubrication of bearings, seals and various assemblies operating in extreme conditions incidental contact with food. Greases FLUOSTAR® FG / SX and LUBRINOX were approved NSF H1 and have the same benefits that classic FLUOSTAR® range.

Advantages :

  •  Exceptional stability at high temperatures
  •  Excellent resistance to water and chemicals
  •  Non-flammable
  •  Full compatibility with plastics and elastomers
  •  Very long life
  •  Very low friction
  •  Good viscosity-temperature behavior
  •  Very low vapor pressure
  •  Good resistance to nuclear radiation
  •  Non-toxic: Approval USDA-H1