The insulation industry is one of the key areas where LUBRILOG is historically and deeply entrenched. We are currently supplying our customers with high performance lubricants particularly suitable to all steps of the glass wool and rock wool manufacturing process:

For the lubrication of forming section chains, we propose our water-repellent oils from our VISCOL range. Their high stickiness to metal surface s allow a permanent lubrication of chains operating in wet areas and / or subject to splashing water.

For the lubrication of curing oven chains, we provide our ESTAR synthetic oils especially designed to provide optimal lubrication of chains operating in temperatures higher than 280 ° C.

For main bearings of the curing ovens subjected to high temperature, we recommend the use of our synthetic greases STARPLEX HT 462 (ester base) or FLUOSTAR H 2 PLUS (PFPE + PTFE) whose mains characteristics allow to reduce lubricant consumption and to extend lubrication intervals.

Curing oven glass wool oil Curing oven glass wool oil